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61. 2017 minor structure repair and housing of Charles Bailey Reed scrapbook

62. 2017 board reattachment to Historia Naturale di Ferrante…

63. 2017 page repair for instructional use of Helen Paterson Allingham papers

64. 2017 minor page and binding repair of Persian MS 9

65. 2017 cleaning, varnish removal, and inpainting of Douglas Chandor portrait of Mary Duke Biddle

66. 2017 minor structure repair and page repair for research use of Snow on Cholera

67. 2017 leather reback for Adopt-A-Book of Geographia Vniversalis

68. 2017 page and sewing repairs for instructional use of Helen Paterson Allingham papers

69. 2017 stain reduction and board reattachment for disaster recovery of Engravings of the human muscles

70. 2017 tape removal and page repair for research use of NC Mutual Life Archives

71. 2017 stain reduction and page repair for Adopt-A-Book to Toad of Toad Hall

72. 2016 condition assessment for exhibit loan of Ciuitates orbis terrarum

73. 2016 tape removal and mold removal for new acquisition of Jean Kilbourne papers

74. 2016 flattening for new acquisition of Declaration of sentiments adopted by the Peace Convention

75. 2016 condition assessment and cleaning for new acquistion of Hugh Mangum glass plate negative N790

76. 2016 tape removal of The Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper

77. 2016 page repair, tape removal, and housing for exhibition of Edmund M. Cameron records

78. 2016 backing removal and tape removal of Tobacco Collection

79. 2016 paper reback for adopt-a-book of The History of Georgia, vol. 2

80. 2016 page repairs, sewing repair, and cloth reback to Faust : sorgespel af Goethe