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51. "We guard our throats against germs"

52. "-but sore throat is only the beginning!"

53. Undated manuscript fragment mentioning allegations by a nabob

54. Clippings, article fragments, notes, inventories of other holdings.

55. Untitled anti-communist lecture, undated

56. NYPD, updated, undated

57. Summary of sales of 43 enslaved persons, Halifax, Virginia :manuscript.

58. L. A. Smithwick letter to W. T. Samuels, between 1864-1865 :autograph manuscript signed.

60. List of negroes ages :manuscript.

61. List of 46 enslaved persons, Morris estate, Halifax, Virginia :manuscript.

63. Handwritten notes, undated

64. Insulate, Screen, Weatherstrip, Weatherize!

65. La Quinta Arts Festival

66. Untitled presentation

67. Untitled presentation

68. Untitled presentation

69. Untitled presentation

70. Untitled presentation

71. Untitled presentation

72. Untitled presentation

73. Untitled presentation

74. l'Art de Versailles

75. Bridlington

76. Untitled

77. Fantastyczny Obraz Przyszlosci

78. Belgium

79. Souscrivez au 4e Emprunt National

80. Souscrivez pour hater La Paix par La Victoire

81. Horizon Holidays by Air

82. VIP Hartwall

83. Harrah's, Cryral Gayle, Don Rickles

84. Excellence and The Grace of Japan

85. Everybody needs milk

86. Smart money. Crocker Scenic Checks

87. Build a Better Life. Lumber City

88. Snap up our new checks. Crocker Scenic Checks

89. Untitled presentation

90. America's Favorite Ski Lift

91. Untitled presentation

92. Travelers' Insurance

93. Untitled

94. Best under the bun.

95. Untitled presentation

96. Untitled presentation

97. Untitled presentation

98. Untitled Presentation

99. Zum guten kleid der gute Schirm

100. Boomerang Trips/First Class Fares