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401. "Haven't baked in years"

402. "Hawaii--on my salary?"

403. "He Asked for it!"

404. "He Made Me Feel Like A Bride Again"

405. "He tried to take my Drake's Cookies"

406. "He's Twice The Man he used to be!"

407. "Her color is her own" is what the world declares when a woman uses Pompeian Bloom, the natural-looking rouge

408. "Here comes the Bride" Another Woodbury Deb Marries

410. "Here is the Way Vacationists Go Across Canada"

411. "Here's The Best Advice I Can Give You - "

413. "Here's my Maud S."

414. "Here's why we both agree on Raytheon TV, it's Futurized!"

415. "Here's why we both agree on Raytheon TV, it's Futurized!"

416. "Hey Mac--Get In On This!"

417. "Hey Mum! That New Improved Palmolive is milder on my skin!"

418. "Hey, what d'ya know! They've got a ranch house on this train"

420. "Hit Me With A Club."

421. "Hit me with a club."

422. "Home Cooking in a Can"

424. "Home..."

425. "Honest--I taught this college girl how to be lovelier!"

426. "Honeymoon dreams came true...on our White Empress cruise to Europe"

428. "How dainty"

430. "How many of 'em can YOU remember?"

431. "How much shall we spend for advertising?"

433. "How well you look!"

434. "Howdy, neighbor!"

436. "I Am So An American!"

437. "I Bought My General Electric TV Set At Times Square Stores"

438. "I Didn't Know It Was So Simple!"-to use Tampax

439. "I Don't Save On My Income Tax."

440. "I Found A lazy Way To Reduce"

442. "I Keep My Hands Clean! Why Can't He?"

443. "I Lost 45 Pounds...Thanks To Your New Reducing Plan," Says Minette Dixon

444. "I Never Thought America Could Do It!"

445. "I Promise to love, honor and shave with Barbasol"

446. "I Skidded"... is no excuse! N.J. Congress of Parents and Teachers

447. "I Skidded"... is no excuse! N.J. Congress of Parents and Teachers

448. "I TOLD him people were talking!"

449. "I Thought I Was Doomed To Dull, Unattractive Hair Until I Tried Drene"


451. "I Was A Hitch Hiker On The Highway of Love"

452. "I Was Diving For the Sea In a World Gone Black..."

454. "I am going to put the post office on wheels"

455. "I can hardly wait to tell you what Beauty Counselors did to me!"

456. "I can't afford to lose a week's salary- can you?"

458. "I can't see why they don't cost more!" Twenty Grand Cigarettes 10 cents

459. "I cannot tell a lie. I cannot just eat one."

460. "I closed the door... and loneliness hit me..."

461. "I dare you to Give Your Scalp the Fingernail Test!" he said

462. "I didn't steal no apples, Mister."

463. "I don't care WHAT the book says!"

464. "I don't feel like swimming today" [Still The Same Old Excuse]

465. "I don't know what it is, but I want one."

466. "I feel like a millionaire when I go Greyhound."

467. "I felt like the devil until I took Nujol"

468. "I felt like the devil until I took Nujol"

469. "I forget my cares when I ride the open highway"

470. "I give what I like to get"

471. "I have always used Palmolive"

472. "I have three good reasons for going Pullman"

473. "I hear the war's practically over... back home!"

474. "I just made a $1,392 commission!"

476. "I like Barbasol so well I shave all over"

478. "I like your cheek!"

479. "I like your cheek!"

480. "I lived in Milwaukee - I ought to know..."

481. "I lost 78 pounds...and gained a new zest in living!"

482. "I love to see people have a good time and they sure do on this train!" new Super Chief

483. "I married a Madman!"

486. "I pledge allegiance..."

487. "I pledge myself to guard every bit of Beauty that he cherishes in me"

491. "I save yer the core."

492. "I see you in White Satin... You'll Be Another Woodbury Deb!"

493. "I squeezed a month into a week using the Businessman's Airline"

494. "I thought it would be hard to take the children so far!... (until another mother told me about TWA)"

496. "I took to the air when I found how TWA means business"

497. "I turned the music louder to drown out the silence"

498. "I use Deodo like talcum"

499. "I want a ticket on the Atomic Super Chief!"