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1. Report on meeting of Nov 18, Washington D.C

2. BEER!

3. Townhouses Grand Opening. Hallcraft's new Eastwood.

4. Untitled

5. Untitled

6. Early Times. I thought I saw a pussycat.

7. Johnny says see NBC on the reliable color TV

8. Oriental Delight

9. Unidentified Slide Presentation

10. Untitled Presentation

11. Untitled Presentation

12. Untitled Presentation

13. In sun or shade... THE BEST BREW MADE!

14. New, easy way to pay bills

15. Rossmoor Leisure World Is Coming To The Valley Of The Sun.

16. Untitled Presentation

17. Let them eat chicken. Kraft Helps Make Eating Out A Royal Treat

18. Early Times. just mention my name.

19. Authentic DEWAR'S "White Label" the Scotch that never varies!

20. heats and cools

21. "Botran reduces grape rots in field and storage."

22. Untitled

23. When I see..A Famous Label I Associate it with Glosser Bros.

24. Fair Housing an Ideal for Americans

25. Cruise to New York

26. Mobil THIS EXIT. FREE Coffee. Snack Bar. Trailer Service.

28. Live for today, save for tomorrow.

29. Untitled Presentation

31. Real Gusto In a Great Light Beer

32. WILD TURKEY BOURBON Beyond Duplication

33. Untitled presentation

35. Continental Homes

36. Dewar's White Label. the Scotch that never varies!

37. Untitled

38. Piedmont CIgarettes, El Producto Cigars (2 advertisements)

39. Untitled Presentation

40. call your ORKINguard for PEST CONTROL

41. Untitled Presentation

42. Get the scoop on Hi-Saff! poly-unsaturated imitation ice-cream

44. Heinz, tomato ketchup, Bel Air cigarettes (2 advertisements)

45. Lake Arrowhead California's Finest Playground

46. that Bud... that's beer!

47. Boyce-ite treated Gasoline forms no carbon

48. Serving Arizona's Commerce and Industry Since 1903

49. Nothing like a cigarette after an Ideal Meal

50. Vitamin C Fights Colds

51. Conservative Investors are now buying Lyndhurst Real Estate

52. Untitled

53. Untitled

54. Get Sea and Ski, Get a show off tan - skip the burn

55. Phonodisc: RL00160-PD-0007_01

56. Merry Christmas

57. Untitled Presentation


59. Hallcraft Townhouses. Coming Soon! Park Scottsdale

61. Staggs-Bilt means better built homes. Casa Mesa. Mesa Drive at Southern.

62. Certified Concrete

64. Untitled

65. Enco Next 4 Exits

66. Last word in bill-paying convenience

67. You've worked hard, Now it's your money's turn

70. Gene Hancock's famous Cavalier Homes

71. Cox Meadows

73. Drink Duquesne Pilsener "The finest beer in town!"

74. A family art for 175 yeras

75. this is Valley Bank Territory

76. If you can find a better bourbon, buy it.

78. Some habits... You don't have to break!


80. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0047

81. How good it is

82. Untitled Presentation

83. Party? Picnic? Party ICE

84. Untitled

85. Untitled

86. Toys

87. Fine China from RICHFIELD.

88. Untitled presentation

90. Usher's Green Stripe Scotch. Now save $1.00 on half gallons.

92. Kilpatrick's Bread: Stays Fresh Longer

94. going shopping? try TRI CITY MALL

95. Goodyear

99. Imperial...knock-free power that saves you money

100. Now at Popular Prices (Original [erased] beer [erased])