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3. Tracking the biotic response to global climate change through genomic analysis (Meeting)

7. An integrative understanding of the evolution of genomic imprinting (Meeting)

8. Genomic patterns and processes of introgression (Meeting)

10. The evoText Project (Visiting Scholar)

18. Origins of c4 grasslands: a new synthesis of phylogeny, ecology and paleobiology (Meeting)

19. Communicating the relevance of human evolution (Meeting)

20. Google Summer of Code ( GSoC ) (Internship)

21. Vertebrate network meeting (Meeting)

27. SimBank: Planning population genetic simulations to test statistical genetics software (Meeting)

30. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

32. How does cognition evolve? (Meeting)

33. Genome-enabled Research on Manakins (Meeting)

36. Building non-model species genome curation communities (Meeting)

40. Evolutionary Biology of the Built Environment (Meeting)

42. New Directions in Sexual Selection: A Synthesis in Preparation for a Book (Visiting Scholar)

46. Following the Sequence (Visiting Scholar)

48. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

49. Phytogeography of the northern hemisphere (Meeting)

50. Dryad - preliminary (Center Project)

52. The role of environmental heterogeneity in diversity-area relationships (Visiting Scholar)

53. New resources for ancient organisms – enabling dragonfly genomics (Meeting)

55. Next-gen sequencing: data acquisition, comparative genomics, design and analysis for population genetics, systematics and development (Course)

59. Evolution of infectious diseases: integrating empirical and modelling approaches (Meeting)

60. Towards an integrated database for fish evolution (Meeting)

74. Reaction Norm Evolution (Visiting Scholar)

77. Science advisory board meetings (Center Project)

78. Building tools for emerging model systems in development, evolution, and ecology (Meeting)

79. Montane diversity in space and time: linking evolutionary biology and macroecology (Meeting)

81. Modeling variation in gene networks (Meeting)

86. Phenoscape project (Meeting)

92. NESCent Informatics Initiatives (Center Project)

95. Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments (Visiting Scholar)

97. Integrated studies of genetic networks: a new evolutionary synthesis (Meeting)

99. Explaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesis (Meeting)