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204. Dryad - preliminary (Center Project)

210. NESCent Informatics Initiatives (Center Project)

212. Software for bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees (Meeting)

217. Nescent advisory board meetings (Center Project)

224. Earth surface processes in the evolution of mammalian tooth shape (Meeting)

228. An integrative understanding of the evolution of genomic imprinting (Meeting)

229. Tracking the biotic response to global climate change through genomic analysis (Meeting)

230. Paths to Cephalopod Genomics- Strategies, Choices, Organization (Meeting)

238. Meeting evolution across the curriculum (Working Group)

240. NESCent Hackathons (Center Project)

247. Germination, trait coevolution, and niche limits in changing environments (Meeting)

248. Integrating datasets to investigate megafaunal extinction in the late quaternary (Meeting)

257. Postdoctoral Symposium (Center Project)


266. Toward a unified evolutionary theory of decision-making in animals (Meeting)

271. Relaxed selection and trait loss in evolution (Meeting)

274. Phytogeography of the northern hemisphere (Meeting)

278. Workshop on data sharing obstacles (Meeting)

280. Nescent teacher education program (Course)

282. Science advisory board meetings (Center Project)

284. Integrating fossil and molecular data in the study of diversification (Visiting Scholar)

285. Human evolution and adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia (Meeting)

286. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

287. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

288. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

289. Evolutionary shifts in vertebrate visual ecology and visual system morphology (Meeting)

290. Costs of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation to novel environments (Meeting)

298. Practical computing for biologists (and other scientists) (Course)

299. The tree of sex – a comprehensive synthesis of sex determination systems in eukaryotes (Meeting)