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204. Integrating fossil and molecular data in the study of diversification (Visiting Scholar)

205. Computational Phyloinformatics Summer Course (Course)

206. Atol/cbol meeting (Meeting)

207. Dryad nsf (Center Project)

209. Nescent advisory board meetings (Center Project)

211. Nescent town hall meetings (Center Project)

213. Evolution in contemporary human populations: medical, genetic and behavioral implications (Meeting)

216. Analysis and synthesis of physiologic data from the mammalian feeding apparatus (Meeting)

224. Costs of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation to novel environments (Meeting)

236. Scaling evolution from genomes to ecosystems in peatmosses (Sphagnum) (Meeting)

237. Relaxed selection and trait loss in evolution (Meeting)

240. Large-scale demographic, network and behavioral trait analyses of sociality (Meeting)

242. Developing Best Practices for Teaching Evolution in the Social Sciences (Meeting)

245. Determinants of extinction in ancient and modern seas (Meeting)

247. Anatomy ontologies in evolutionary biology and genetics (Meeting)

248. Nescent retreat (Center Project)

250. Evo-ed meeting (Meeting)

260. Integrating Evolutionary Models of Human Fertility Change (Meeting)

263. Integrating datasets to investigate megafaunal extinction in the late quaternary (Meeting)


271. Advancing genetic diversity research in the Indian and Pacific Oceans (Meeting)

273. Sexual Selection Studies: Progress, Challenges, and Future Directions (Meeting)

274. Human evolution and adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia (Meeting)

276. Toward a new synthesis of the evolutionary history and ecology of c4 grasses (Meeting)

282. Gmod (Meeting)

284. Nescent internships (Internship)

285. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

287. Domestication as an evolutionary phenomenon: expanding the synthesis (Meeting)

289. Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments (Visiting Scholar)

290. Developing a Roadmap for The Future of Landscape Genomics (Meeting)

298. The origin and evolution of animal-microbe interactions (Meeting)

300. Earth surface processes in the evolution of mammalian tooth shape (Meeting)