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111. Clockwork: redefining interfaces for molecular biology and paleontology (Meeting)

112. Genomic patterns and processes of introgression (Meeting)

116. Meeting evolution across the curriculum (Working Group)

119. Selfish dna and the genetic control of vector-borne diseases (Meeting)

120. Synthesizing computational resources for cis-regulatory molecular evolution. (Meeting)

122. Phanerozoic body size trends in time and space: macroevolution and macroecology (Meeting)

130. Evolutionary ecology of primate life histories (Meeting)

131. Modeling variation in gene networks (Meeting)

132. Myelin, a new model for evolutionary innovation (Meeting)

133. How does cognition evolve? (Meeting)

136. Domestication as an evolutionary phenomenon: expanding the synthesis (Meeting)

147. Determinants of extinction in ancient and modern seas (Meeting)