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302. The tree of sex – a comprehensive synthesis of sex determination systems in eukaryotes (Meeting)

304. HIP: Hackathons, Interoperability, Phylogenies (Meeting)

307. Tracking the biotic response to global climate change through genomic analysis (Meeting)

308. Paths to Cephalopod Genomics- Strategies, Choices, Organization (Meeting)

312. Infusing Medical Education with Evolutionary Thinking (Meeting)

316. Using Genetics and Genealogy to Teach Evolution and Human Diversity (Meeting)

320. Environmental and demographic determinants of natural selection (Meeting)

321. Anatomy ontologies in evolutionary biology and genetics (Meeting)

324. The evolution of virulence in a human infectious disease: the case study of HIV (Meeting)

326. Evolutionary Origins of Multicellularity (Meeting)

329. Following the Sequence (Visiting Scholar)

331. Advancing Theory and Research on Scientific Synthesis (Meeting)

332. The Role of Mountains, Climate, and Landscape in Generating Amazon/Andean Biodiversity (Meeting)

335. Learning Evolution from the Fossil Record: K-12 Explorations in Deep Time (Meeting)

338. K-12 Evolution Education and the Underserved (Meeting)

354. Genome-enabled Research on Manakins (Meeting)

355. Integrating approaches to macroevolution: combining fossils and phylogenies (Meeting)

356. Nescent teacher education program (Course)

357. Nescent town hall meetings (Center Project)

359. Phenoscape project (Meeting)

361. Genomic patterns and processes of introgression (Meeting)

365. Meeting evolution across the curriculum (Working Group)

369. Building tools for emerging model systems in development, evolution, and ecology (Meeting)

373. What role, if any, does heritable epigenetic variation play in phenotypic evolution? (Meeting)

374. Evolution of g protein coupled signaling: lineages, constraints, and tempo (Meeting)

375. Communicating the relevance of human evolution (Meeting)

376. Integrating datasets to investigate megafaunal extinction in the late quaternary (Meeting)

377. Nescent advisory board meetings (Center Project)

385. NESCent Hackathons (Center Project)

386. Google Summer of Code ( GSoC ) (Internship)

393. Globally unique identifiers (guids) (Meeting)

394. Morphology bank meeting (Center Project)

397. Nescent retreat (Center Project)