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351. The evoText Project (Visiting Scholar)

358. New Directions in Sexual Selection: A Synthesis in Preparation for a Book (Visiting Scholar)

367. Does mother-fetus coevolution lead to coadaptation? (Visiting Scholar)

368. Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments (Visiting Scholar)

369. An Improved Web Tool to Assess Recombination (Visiting Scholar)

370. New resources for ancient organisms – enabling dragonfly genomics (Meeting)

371. TriCEM (Center Project)

373. Building non-model species genome curation communities (Working Group)

376. Building tools for emerging model systems in development, evolution, and ecology (Meeting)

379. Virus evolution (Meeting)

380. Dryad - preliminary (Center Project)

381. Evo-ed meeting (Meeting)

387. What role, if any, does heritable epigenetic variation play in phenotypic evolution? (Meeting)

388. Atol/cbol meeting (Meeting)

389. Computational Phyloinformatics Summer Course (Course)

390. Workshop on data sharing obstacles (Meeting)

391. Gmod (Meeting)