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3. Patterns of biodiversity in madagascar (Meeting)

5. Evolution in contemporary human populations: medical, genetic and behavioral implications (Meeting)

6. Developing new model systems for evolutionary genomics using poeciliid fishes (Meeting)

8. Selfish dna and the genetic control of vector-borne diseases (Meeting)

9. Synthesizing computational resources for cis-regulatory molecular evolution. (Meeting)

12. Phanerozoic body size trends in time and space: macroevolution and macroecology (Meeting)

17. Biological diversification on the west indian archipelago (Meeting)

19. Integrated studies of genetic networks: a new evolutionary synthesis (Meeting)

20. Phytogeography of the northern hemisphere (Meeting)

22. Primate fossil analysis (Meeting)

27. Mechanistic distribution models: energetics, fitness, and population dynamics (Meeting)

29. Relaxed selection and trait loss in evolution (Meeting)

30. Measuring evolutionary change in modern human populations using cohort data (Meeting)

33. Montane diversity in space and time: linking evolutionary biology and macroecology (Meeting)

35. Toward a unified evolutionary theory of decision-making in animals (Meeting)

38. Testing theories for the evolution of genomic imprinting (Meeting)

39. Developing a Roadmap for The Future of Landscape Genomics (Meeting)

40. Sexual Selection Studies: Progress, Challenges, and Future Directions (Meeting)

41. Genetics and Genealogy: Teaching Evolution and Human Diversity to Middle School Students (Meeting)

48. Virus evolution (Meeting)

49. Computational Phyloinformatics Summer Course (Course)

50. Atol/cbol meeting (Meeting)