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1. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe

2. Euratlas Ancient Rome Vector Map

3. A View of Venice

4. Historic Digital Bills and Resolutions: 1789-2013

5. Duke Forest GIS Layers

6. Nodong Sinmun 1945-1999

7. Defense Casualty Analysis System Dataset

8. Durham Aerial Imagery (USDA)

9. Combat Area Casualties Dataset

10. International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE )

11. Data and Visualization Services Sample Datasets

12. Latin American Public Opinion Project

13. National Sample Survey (India)

14. International Country Risk Guide Researchers Dataset (ICRG)

15. Selected Landsat Images

16. U.S. Census Population Estimates - County Level

17. Polidata Presidential Results By Congressional District 1992-2008

18. ESRI Data and Maps 1996

19. Village Potential Statistics (PODES) Dataset — Indonesia

20. ReferenceUSA Business Historical Data Files

21. Durham GIS Features - Transportation

22. Durham GIS Features - Planning / Land Use / Development / Zoning

23. ESRI Data and Maps 1999

24. Polk's National Vehicle Population Profile (NVPP)

25. Durham GIS Features - Political Boundaries / Voting

26. Durham GIS Features - Parcels / Buildings / Taxation Data

27. ESRI Data and Maps 2003

28. ESRI Data and Maps 2004

29. ESRI Data and Maps 2005

30. Durham GIS Features - Services / Emergency

31. ESRI Data and Maps 2006

32. ESRI Data and Maps 2008

33. Address Locator Files

34. ArcGIS Tutorial Data

35. Durham GIS Features - Schools

36. The Stata Journal

38. Duke University GIS Layers

39. Census, North Carolina Data

40. ESRI Data and Maps 2010

41. ESRI Data and Maps 2012

42. ESRI Data and Maps 2013

43. North American Electric Transmission System Map

57. Paleobiological and Phylogenetic Approaches to Macroevolution (Meeting)

61. Toward a new synthesis of the evolutionary history and ecology of c4 grasses (Meeting)

65. Workshop on data sharing obstacles (Meeting)

66. Evolutionary ecology of primate life histories (Meeting)

67. Human evolution and adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia (Meeting)

69. Sexual Selection Studies: Progress, Challenges, and Future Directions (Meeting)

78. Nescent advisory board meetings (Center Project)

79. Forgotten Memories: immune memory beyond the adaptive immune system (Meeting)

80. Selfish dna and the genetic control of vector-borne diseases (Meeting)

82. Next-gen sequencing: data acquisition, comparative genomics, design and analysis for population genetics, systematics and development (Course)

94. The evolution of virulence in a human infectious disease: the case study of HIV (Meeting)

95. Synthesis and test of the sensory drive hypothesis (Visiting Scholar)

100. Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments (Visiting Scholar)