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1411. Software for bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees (Meeting)

1412. Evolutionary shifts in vertebrate visual ecology and visual system morphology (Meeting)

1413. Costs of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation to novel environments (Meeting)

1421. Germination, trait coevolution, and niche limits in changing environments (Meeting)

1423. Evolution of g protein coupled signaling: lineages, constraints, and tempo (Meeting)

1424. Communicating the relevance of human evolution (Meeting)

1425. Integrating datasets to investigate megafaunal extinction in the late quaternary (Meeting)

1428. Nescent advisory board meetings (Center Project)

1436. Global GIS DVD

1439. Duke University Aerial Photographs

1446. Science advisory board meetings (Center Project)

1447. Society for systematic biologists (Meeting)

1450. Vertebrate network meeting (Meeting)

1451. Nescent seminar series (Center Project)

1453. Integrating fossil and molecular data in the study of diversification (Visiting Scholar)

1454. Measuring evolutionary change in modern human populations using cohort data (Meeting)

1456. Montane diversity in space and time: linking evolutionary biology and macroecology (Meeting)

1457. Mathematical models, microbes & evolutionary diversification (Meeting)

1461. Mechanistic distribution models: energetics, fitness, and population dynamics (Meeting)

1463. Relaxed selection and trait loss in evolution (Meeting)

1471. Biological diversification on the west indian archipelago (Meeting)

1473. Integrated studies of genetic networks: a new evolutionary synthesis (Meeting)

1474. Phytogeography of the northern hemisphere (Meeting)

1476. Primate fossil analysis (Meeting)

1494. Clockwork: redefining interfaces for molecular biology and paleontology (Meeting)

1495. Genomic patterns and processes of introgression (Meeting)

1499. Meeting evolution across the curriculum (Working Group)