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1702. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

1703. Toward a new synthesis of the evolutionary history and ecology of c4 grasses (Meeting)

1704. Toward a unified evolutionary theory of decision-making in animals (Meeting)

1706. Towards an integrated database for fish evolution (Meeting)

1709. Tracking the biotic response to global climate change through genomic analysis (Meeting)

1714. Trends in the evolution of human viruses (Meeting)

1715. TriCEM (Center Project)

1731. Using Genetics and Genealogy to Teach Evolution and Human Diversity (Meeting)

1734. Vertebrate network meeting (Meeting)

1744. Virus evolution (Meeting)

1772. What role, if any, does heritable epigenetic variation play in phenotypic evolution? (Meeting)

1776. Wilderness at 50 (Visiting Scholar)