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313. Patterns of biodiversity in madagascar (Meeting)

314. NESCent Hackathons (Center Project)

318. Scaling evolution from genomes to ecosystems in peatmosses (Sphagnum) (Meeting)

319. Costs of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation to novel environments (Meeting)

323. Duke University Aerial Photographs

332. Learning Evolution from the Fossil Record: K-12 Explorations in Deep Time (Meeting)

334. The origin and evolution of animal-microbe interactions (Meeting)

336. Dryad - preliminary (Center Project)

337. Phytogeography of the northern hemisphere (Meeting)

339. Nescent internships (Internship)

345. Developing a Roadmap for The Future of Landscape Genomics (Meeting)

346. New resources for ancient organisms – enabling dragonfly genomics (Meeting)

348. Germination, trait coevolution, and niche limits in changing environments (Meeting)

349. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

351. Genetics and Genealogy: Teaching Evolution and Human Diversity to Middle School Students (Meeting)

352. Synthesizing computational resources for cis-regulatory molecular evolution. (Meeting)

353. Earth surface processes in the evolution of mammalian tooth shape (Meeting)

354. Gmod (Meeting)

359. Myelin, a new model for evolutionary innovation (Meeting)

360. Morphology bank meeting (Center Project)

380. Advancing knowledge of evolutionary and ecological immunology (Meeting)

381. Integrated studies of genetic networks: a new evolutionary synthesis (Meeting)

382. Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments (Visiting Scholar)

384. The tree of sex – a comprehensive synthesis of sex determination systems in eukaryotes (Meeting)

385. Evo-ed meeting (Meeting)

399. Society for systematic biologists (Meeting)