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1. The birthday of a King; Christmas song

2. American patrol; Op. 92

3. I'se gwine back to Dixie

4. Hush-a-bye o'-baby; Georgia lullaby

5. The old folks at home

6. Morning prayer; Meditation for piano; Op. 129

7. Hello ma baby

8. Rosary; Rosaire; Rosenkranz

9. Quotations

10. Delaware State Lotteries

11. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Newest, Most Useful and Best Selling Articles of the Day

12. Donne di Firenze.

13. Cast of bound foot with embroidered Chinese shoe, 19th century

14. [Anastasimatarion].

15. Rosewood medicine chest, 19th century

16. Dissection set, 19th century

18. Sterilizer, 19th century

19. Invalid feeder, 19th century

20. Meerschaum pipe, 19th century