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6001. U.S. Census Population Estimates - County Level

6002. Selected Landsat Images

6003. International Country Risk Guide Researchers Dataset (ICRG)

6004. Gallery of Presidents Project, Gothic Reading Room, 1984-2005 and undated

6005. National Sample Survey (India)

6006. Latin American Public Opinion Project

6008. Data and Visualization Services Sample Datasets

6009. NCARRV

6010. Countering Homophobic Violence

6011. International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE )

6012. Robin Morgan, Grace Paley, Adrienne Rich, Gloria Steinem, Jane Alpert, undated

6013. After the Morning

6014. Defense Casualty Analysis System Dataset

6015. Defense Casualty Analysis System Dataset

6016. Guns and Ammo Magazine

6017. Lawyers' Second Amendment Society

6018. Literature, mass mailings, undated

6019. National Rifle Association

6020. Gun News Digest

6021. Historic Digital Bills and Resolutions: 1789-2013