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15901. No. 24 Coquin

15902. 30 ans après!...

15903. No. 11 La Dame blanche

15904. No. 23 Ministre et traître

15905. No. 12 Crassus

15906. No. 10 L'ex copain de Cornelius Herz

15907. No. 29 Porte ça à Dreyfus!!

15908. No. 4 Le Roi des Porcs

15909. Isaac Thomas Avery letter

15910. Mary McCornack Thompson diary, vol. 06, 1899 Jan. 1 - Feb. 16

15911. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Ms. Pajeaud's mother's baptism record, 1899

15912. Mensaje al Congreso. Presidencia del Gobierno Revolucionario de Filipinas.

15913. Wagons!

15914. Hibernian Mutual Insurance Company. Fourteenth Annual report.

15915. Consumers Coal Company.

15916. Sentencia dictada por el Tribunal Eclesiastico del Arzobispado de Manila.

15917. Statement of condition of Walhalla Cotton Mill

15918. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty: Beware of Trusts!

15920. Notice. ...give the Royal Havana Lottery one trial.

15923. To the Democratic voters of Isle of Wight County.

15925. Attention to the Democrats of Isle of Wight, Nansemond and Southampton Counties.

15926. Traducciones de la prensa extranjera.

15928. The Message, invitation to the Veiled Prophet Ball

15929. First Peabody recital, season of 1899-1900

15930. Fiske answered, his falsehoods and vile insinuations answered by Col. Bryant

15931. Secretaria de Agricultura de Isla de Negros.

15932. Traducciones de la prensa extranjera.

15933. Traducciones de la prensa extranjera.

15934. Traducciones de la prensa extranjera.

15936. Southern Educational Association annual meeting

15937. Farm for sale!

15938. After Christmas

15939. Elm Street Sunday School Christmas Concert

15940. Secretaria de Agricultura de Isla de Negros. Circular.

15941. A José Rizal en el 3er aniversario de su fusilamiento.

15942. Roller-bearing Bickford & Huffman Steel Drill satisfies the farmer best

15943. Correspondence, 1899-1901

15944. Charles B. Alston papers

15945. Directions for Operating the Graphophones.

15946. The U.S. senatorship

15947. Correspondence, 1899-1925 and undated (2 of 2)

15948. Correspondence, 1899-1925 and undated (1 of 2)

15949. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Ms. Pajeaud's father's first communion, circa 1899-1960s

15951. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Place settings on a dinner table, color photo, circa 1899-1960s

15953. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Marjorie on a family outing to Chicago at age 11, circa 1899-1960s

15957. Mortar and pestle, approximately late 19th-early 20th century

15958. Doctor's obstetrical bag, late 19th-early 20th century

15959. Oxygenkure oxygen generator, late 19th-early 20th century

15960. Steel framed eyeglasses, late 19th-early 20th century

15961. Pocket leather case with medicine vials, late 19th-early 20th century

15963. Brass microscope, late 19th-early 20th century

15964. Loring's ophthalmoscope, late 19th or early 20th century

15965. Nursing can or mammele, late 18th-mid 19th century

15971. Aline St. Julien slides: Portrait of A.P. Bedou, relative, New Orleans, circa 1890s-1994

15972. Faust's Wildfang galop; Wildfang galop

15973. The star-spangled banner

15974. Take back the heart

15975. Ma Angeline; Greatest coon song of the age

15976. Waves of the ocean march; Grand marche de concert

15977. Nearer, my God, to thee

15978. Skirt dance; Pas de quatre; Faust up to date

15979. Grande valse brillante; Op. 18

15980. Only a dream; Love's vision

15981. Love's old sweet song

15982. White sails

15983. When sparrows build

15984. Beauty's eyes

15985. La Gitana waltzes

15986. Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay!

15987. Flirtation waltz

15988. Royal fanfare galop; Op. 408

15989. Red, white and blue

15990. My old Kentucky home, Good-night

15991. In the shadow of the pines

15992. Money musk; Speed the plow; Rustic reel; Chorus jig

15993. Home, sweet home; Clari

15994. Voi che sapete; Marriage of Figaro

15995. Photographs, undated

15996. Heinz 57 Good Things For the Table, Exhbited at Buffalo and Heinz Pier Atlantic City

15997. various

16000. Untitled