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4741. For confidential circulation among the Members of the Secession Party.

4743. King Caucus, or East Tennessee's lament

4745. From the Nashville American, abstract of the remarks of Capt. J. Childe

4746. Bill of sale for Eli Wilson, an enslaved person, from Arthur Emory to Edmund Carville, 1851 November 25 :manuscript signed.

4747. Cheraw and Darlington Railroad.

4749. To the voters of Berkeley and Jefferson

4750. Martha Foster Crawford diary [typed copy], 1851-1852, evaluation by Thomas E. Lafargue

4751. William Cole Bayley papers

4752. American Colonization Society records

4753. Stephen Douthit daybook

4754. Enoch Faw diary

4755. General correspondence, 1851-1857

4756. William H. Allison letters

4757. Cassius Marcellus Clay papers

4758. David K. Blackwood papers

4759. Michigan Buggy Company

4760. Maben Hinshaw papers, 1851-1901.