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12052. Slavery's Passed Away

12053. Programme for the 4th of July, 1887

12054. Ai caduti di Saati e Dogali.

12055. One Ton Patapsco Guano Given Away

12058. Swindlers abroad, look out for them

12059. Storia del combattimento in Africa di 500 Italiani contro 15,000 Abissini.

12060. $50 reward for horse

12061. Frohsinn, Familien-Unterhaltung zur Feier des Dritten Stiftungsfestes

12062. Auction sale of stock of dry goods, clothing, shoes, hardware, crockery, &c.

12063. Grand opera house

12066. The National Law & Collection Association

12067. A good farm in Cypress District, County of Nansemond for sale!

12068. American Bible Society. District Superintendency of North and South Carolina.

12069. Late Nineteenth Century Advertisements from Missouri

12070. Diary, 1887 April 1 - August 17

12071. Invitation to discuss railroad subscription for Randolph County

12072. Chaplain's circular for Dept. of Michigan Grand Army of the Republic

12073. Tileston Normal School Shakesperean Forfeit Party

12074. Tileston Normal School Shakesperean Forfeit Party

12075. Are you going to build! or repair your old buildings

12077. A card! Read and do justice!

12078. Leas & McVitty leather market report

12079. St. Michael's Parrish and Queen Victoria

12081. July Fourth

12082. Stolen watch: $25 reward

12083. Porter's National Detective Agency circular

12084. Programme of races

12085. Fair bulletin

12086. Valuable land for Sale!

12087. Great Mule Race at the "Three C's" Cut

12088. Oak Ridge Institute Report of First Quarter

12089. The Sultan of Mocha.

12090. Pomona Hill Nurseries

12091. Crosse & Blackwell's Fresh Fruit Jams.

12092. Funeral notice.

12093. Land for sale in Southampton county!

12094. Great Eastern Railway.

12095. Death notice for Henry A. Homes, LL. D.

12096. Gala Week Race Meeting at Wagener Park

12097. Schedule of rehearsals for an unknown performance.

12098. Valuable land on Blackwater River, in Southampton County for sale.

12099. A good farm for sale.

12100. Storia del combattimento in Africa.