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4881. Gabrielle; Etude d'expression

4882. Gems of beauty

4883. Hippodrome polka

4884. I am a little weaver

4885. Katy-did polka; souvenirs of Castle Garden

4886. L'Orleana galop

4888. Little Katy; Hot corn

4889. Mary Vale

4890. Nelly was a lady

4891. Old Dog Tray

4892. Old folks at home

4893. Pop goes the weazel

4894. President Pierce's march and quick step

4897. Rocked in the cradle of the deep; Rock'd in the cradle of the deep

4898. Roset mazurka

4899. Shells of ocean; Les naiades; Op. 384

4900. Slave life, or Uncle Tom's cabin