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12201. Alberto Mario. Da Giuseppe Mazzini ...

12203. Headquarters, First Division, S. C. V. T.

12204. In memoriam, Hon. Horatio Nash Ogden

12205. Rules to be observed in executing the inclosed bond and oath

12206. The Evening Critic

12208. Great Eastern Mutual Life Insurance Company

12209. 1883 notice to holders of registered stock

12210. A good lot with a dwelling-house on it, in Suffolk, for sale!

12211. Politics: Canvassing, 1883 September-1889 October

12212. Monthly Leather Review Newsletter

12213. South Carolina Resources

12214. Program for performance of "Il Travatore"

12215. Sale of land! Monday, December 3, 1883

12216. Exhibition of the Brightonian Society

12217. Letter from Lord Kimberley [John Wodehouse] to General Strachey, 1883 December 30

12218. Pork-Packers

12219. Joseph S. Armfield papers

12220. Speaker Crisp is Here!

12221. McDonald Furman papers

12222. Beatty's Beethoven Organs

12223. The Broadstreet Press and Bindery

12226. Allison & Addison Star Brand Guano

12227. Allison & Addison's Fertilizers

12230. Attention officers and soldiers entitled to extra pay

12231. Buy one of Tise's improved well fixture

12232. Cleveland and victory!

12234. Clipping, "An Exposition of Agricultural Products"

12235. Cricket on the hearth

12236. Cross-Cut Cigarettes

12237. Dear Sir...

12238. Farmer's Pocket Companion

12239. Harmonious blacksmith; Suites, harpsichord, HWV 430, E major. Air con variazioni

12240. I'll send you down a letter from de sky

12241. In the cradle nest; Lullaby

12242. Ira Leo Bamberger letters

12243. Kickapoo waltz

12244. Loves ritornella, an offertory

12245. Message; Mein gruss

12246. Nation'l Prohibition ticket.

12247. National farmers exhibition

12248. No Kicking When Bull Fertilizer Is Used