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12251. Plows and Agricultural Implements

12252. Pratt's Patent Prepared

12253. Prince Edward Academy, Worsham, Va.

12254. Public Sale

12255. Rollin to de sea

12256. Sonatinas, op. 36, no. 3, C major

12257. Southern Exposition at Louisville, KY.

12258. Southern Exposition at Louisville, Ky., 1884

12259. Spring and Summer ...

12261. The Valley Mutual Life Association

12263. This Is The Genuine!

12265. Uncle Adams going home; Character song and chorus; Our regiment

12266. We'll raise de roof tonight; New and original plantation melody

12267. Wheat and Cattle Fair

12268. You

12269. Crockery, glass, &c.

12270. Timbered swamp land for sale!

12271. Columbian Hotel property in Suffolk for Sale!

12272. Anniversary Dinner, Charleston Chamber of Commerce

12273. Temperance fanaticism

12274. Temperance fanaticism

12278. New York Commission Merchant's Wares and Prices

12281. General court-martial of Edward A. Field

12283. Entertainment of Mrs. S. S. Williams' School

12284. The Southern Exposition, circular no. 5

12285. Grand scheme for distribution of fair property!

12286. Dulany, Meyer & Co. Exporters of Bonded Whiskies

12287. Wheat and Cattle Fair

12288. Public sale!

12289. Frick & Company's general orders.

12290. Prohibition and reform. St. John and Daniel.

12291. The Valley Mutual Life Association of Virginia.

12293. Supplement, Extracts from Gen. Wheeler's speeches

12294. Grand mass meeting of the Republicans of Ashby District at Bridgewater.

12295. Cleveland favors mixed schools. Bourbon denial refuted.

12296. Office of Elias & Goodman.

12297. Proposed Constitution for the North Carolina Temperance Alliance

12298. Retail Price List

12299. George William Curtis papers

12300. George B. Cramer diary