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4921. Mary Vale

4922. Nelly was a lady

4923. Old Dog Tray

4924. Old folks at home

4925. Pop goes the weazel

4926. President Pierce's march and quick step

4929. Rocked in the cradle of the deep; Rock'd in the cradle of the deep

4930. Roset mazurka

4931. Shells of ocean; Les naiades; Op. 384

4932. Slave life, or Uncle Tom's cabin

4933. Some things love me

4934. Southern right's march

4935. Spirit rappings

4936. The Syanna schottisch

4937. The World's Industrial Exhibition of 1853 -- Season Ticket

4938. The Yankee Quilting Party; Comic song

4939. The hazel dell

4940. The old sexton