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4921. Some things love me

4922. Southern right's march

4923. Spirit rappings

4924. The Syanna schottisch

4925. The World's Industrial Exhibition of 1853 -- Season Ticket

4926. The Yankee Quilting Party; Comic song

4927. The hazel dell

4928. The old sexton

4929. They've sold me down the river; The Negro father's lament

4930. Thomas Branch & Sons

4931. Union polka

4932. Universal medley

4933. We miss thee at home

4934. Welcome home; Companion to Do they miss me at home

4935. Wild ash deer

4936. Woman's rights

4937. Womans right; A right good ballad rightly illustrating womans rights

4938. Fellow citizens of Surry and Yadkin Counties

4939. Agency for the settlement of claims

4940. Frederick W. Bass letter to Joseph Fuqua