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12402. Life of Andrew Carnegie.

12404. Life of Chauncey M. Depew.

12405. Life of Edgar Allan Poe.

12406. Life of Edwin Booth.

12407. Life of Geo. (George) W. Childs.

12408. Life of George Peabody.

12409. Life of H. W. Longfellow.

12410. Life of Henry Irving.

12411. Life of Horace B. Claflin.

12412. Life of J L Meissonier.

12413. Life of J. E. Millais, R. A.

12414. Life of J. Ericsson.

12415. Life of Jas. B. Eads, (James Buchanan Eads).

12416. Life of Jas. G. Blaine (James Gillespie Blaine).

12417. Life of Joe Jefferson.

12418. Life of John G. Whittier.

12419. Life of John L. Sullivan.

12420. Life of John Wanamaker.

12421. Life of Josh Billings.

12422. Life of Mark Twain.

12423. Life of P. T. Barnum.

12424. Life of Prof. Huxley.

12425. Life of Rev. T. De Witt Talmage.

12426. Life of Robt. (Robert) Ingersoll.

12427. Life of Russell Alexr. (Alexander) Alger.

12428. Life of Tennyson.

12429. Life of Tommaso Salvini.

12430. Listers Agricultural Chemical Works

12431. Love will find the way; Grand mogul

12432. Lucette Haines

12433. Lumbermen in Michigan.

12434. Lumbermen in Norway.

12435. Lute

12436. Lyre

12437. Mandolin

12438. Marche de nuit

12439. Mark Twain. Samuel L. Clemens.

12440. Mary Anderson

12441. Maud Mullet

12442. Maud Mullet

12443. Mexican Cart.

12444. Mid-Summer Catalog

12445. Miners Descending a Shaft.

12446. Miserere du Trovatore; Paraphrase de concert

12447. Miss Ruth Stetson.

12449. Moonlight waltz

12450. Mullet.