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12401. Good night, sweet dreams; Gut' Nacht, mein Lieb'

12402. Hie away old Satan; Galop; Good bye Nancy Jane

12403. I trust in God; Credo; O salutaris; O salutaris hostia

12404. Interview between Vance and Ranson.

12405. Kentucky Sam!

12408. McCormick Harvesting Machine Company

12409. Missing: Matthew H. Vetter

12410. New Shaker Illustrated Almanac

12411. New Shaker Illustrated Almanac for 1885

12412. Official Programme

12413. Old Uncle Ned with variations

12414. Old year dies tonight

12415. Order for Louisiana State Lottery tickets

12416. Our Drummer

12417. Peggy O'Moore; Shane na laun

12418. Peoples Dramatic News

12419. Phoenix Carriage Works

12420. Pinkerton's National Detective Agency

12421. Pleas against class legislation

12425. Ransom's Family Receipt Book

12426. Sale Days at the Orinoco Warehouse

12427. Sea breeze; op. 96

12428. Sparkling Catawba Springs

12429. St. Stephen's Church, Charleston, South Carolina

12431. Take Notice!

12433. The Advancement of Women

12434. The Common Sense Family Sewing Machine

12435. The New Price List of Woolen Horse Blankets...

12436. The fisherman and his child

12437. Valuable Property !

12438. Wake up Gabriel

12439. West Indies Travel diary, 1885 Feb. 2-Apr. 10

12440. Why the WCTU seeks the ballot

12441. Valuable land on the suburbs of Suffolk for sale!

12442. Smith, Ellet & Co. Commission Merchants

12443. Louisiana state lottery official drawing

12444. Investigate for yourselves, La.S.L., Louisiana State Lottery Company

12445. Dalgetty!

12446. The journal of the Christian Brotherhood, vol. 1, no. 6.

12447. Kirksville Mercantile College, Mrs. W. J. Smith's Writing Institute

12448. Sale of valuable land!

12449. $1,000 reward!!! Forgery!!

12450. $50 reward! Stolen gold hunting timer