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2491. nigerian legacy, mcgee letters, 1967 thru 1969,july 31, 1968.jpg

2492. mcgee letters, june 18, 1967, p1.jpg

2493. 3000 Igede Modern School001.tif

2494. Duke, Nigerian Baptist Mission Legacy Project OUTLINE, PART IV, 1971-2000.doc

2495. duke, special misc, humphrey to parents, may 23,1997, p2.jpg

2496. 3000 Igede, New high school ground clearing.tif

2497. 3040A Modern School, Ikogosi, c. 1972.jpg

2498. 3000 Igede day school teachers.tif

2499. mcgee letters, febr 17, 1.jpg

2500. photo, j.s.mcgee, memorial, jd's hse cleaning work plans, p5.jpg