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4981. Homewood Apartments, Nicholas Street, 1912 Jan. 25

4984. Hurrah for our leader!; Democratic campaign song; Turkey in the straw

4985. I can't stop doing it now

4986. I want to be in Dixie

4987. I'd do as much for you; Hmm, we're having lovely weather

4988. I'll be welcome in my home town; Good-bye to bright lights

4989. I'm looking for a girl to take my old girl's place

4990. In woods above North Run, lunch here, 1912 June 2

4991. It's a long, long way to Tipperary

4992. Johnstone's Square from northwest, 1912 May 1

4993. Jones Falls from bridge at Mt. Washington, 1912 Jan. 21

4994. Just N. of Rockland, looking East, 1912 Apr. 9

4995. Just an easy handful of Kodak Film

4996. Just south of Eccleston, looking north, 1912 Apr. 6

4997. Just west of Brooklandville, 1912 Apr. 9

4998. Kilns in Limekiln Hollow, 1912 May 26

4999. Kodak

5000. Kodak Simplicity