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4981. 2 Tuscon Winners

4982. Fiddle Free Color TV... Just Turn it on!

4983. Fiddle Free Color TV... Just Turn it on!

4984. Woolco Department Stores

4985. Best for Arizona Driving.

4986. Vote October 5th for STEVE JENKINS

4987. "better climate for living" York Air Conditioning

4988. Your free checking bank has ... Mastercharge

4989. The Big One. With the Memory. From First National Bank.

4990. Untitled

4991. You have great connections.

4992. Now ... at First National Bank. Exclusively.

4993. Pretty, cool! York Air Conditioning. A.A. Refrigeration

4994. Nice to come home to... YORK Air Conditioning

4995. The Busy Car Gasoline!

4996. Untitled

4997. Leaving the Air Force shouldn't mean goodbye.

4998. Air Force Today. Industry Tomorrow.

4999. The Air Force guarantees you a choice of jobs.

5000. LECTRO-TELLER FIRST NATIONAL BANK East. Quick. Days. Nights. Weekends.