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12451. Life of Robt. (Robert) Ingersoll.

12452. Life of Tommaso Salvini.

12453. History of Jay Gould.

12454. Life of Henry Irving.

12455. Life of Edgar Allan Poe.

12456. Life of Mark Twain.

12458. History of Ole Bull.

12459. Life of J. Ericsson.

12460. Life of Jas. B. Eads, (James Buchanan Eads).

12461. History of Josef Hoffman.

12462. History of Christine Nilsson.

12463. Life of Joe Jefferson.

12464. History of Etelka Gerster.

12465. Life of John L. Sullivan.

12466. Life of Prof. Huxley.

12467. Life of J. E. Millais, R. A.

12468. Life of Tennyson.

12469. Life of Rev. T. De Witt Talmage.

12470. Life of John Wanamaker.

12471. History of Mme. Modjeska.

12472. History of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

12473. Life of John G. Whittier.

12474. Life of George Peabody.

12475. Love will find the way; Grand mogul

12476. Lead, kindly light

12477. Secret; Intermezzo pizzicato

12478. Harrison's victory march

12479. Bill Arp papers

12480. Newberry College

12481. How to Get Rich, Life-Plan Series No. 5

12482. Hand Decorated Dinner Ware Given Away With 1 lb Cans

12484. Listers Agricultural Chemical Works

12485. The Kodak Camera

12486. A Short History Of Gen. U. S. Grant

12487. A Short History Of Gen. R. E. Lee

12488. "Rapid" Harness Menders.

12489. The Kodak

12490. The Rulers, Flags, Coats of Arms - Loose Cards

12491. Mid-Summer Catalog

12492. The Kodak Camera

12493. A Short History of...

12494. A Model Sanitarium

12496. Campaign, 1888 - News and Observer

12497. History of Poor Boys: Sarah Bernhardt

12498. Governors, Coats of Arms - Image 1

12499. Costumes of All Nations

12500. The Rulers, Flags, Coats of Arms