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4981. Rainbow schottisch

4982. Rural Empire Club, established in 1854.

4984. Senate Chamber, Harrisburg (Pa.)

4985. Si la stanchezza m'opprime; Here let me rest now; Il Travatore; Si la stanchezza

4986. Solitude sweetened; Lady mine! lady mine!; Op. 419

4987. South-Western Book Store Dissolution

4990. Summerville Male and Female Seminary

4991. Summerville Male and Female Seminary

4992. Supreme Court.

4993. The spring months!

4994. Tony Pastor's medley The cottage by the sea

4995. What is home without a mother

4996. When in hours of anxious sadness; Wenn in bangen Wemuthstunden; Den Lieben in der Heimath gewidmet

4997. William Boyd papers