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41. Stinespring, William F.

42. Data and Visualization Services Sample Datasets

44. Latin American Public Opinion Project

45. Chronology of OR actions

46. M.E. video

47. National coverage of OR

48. OR media coverage in Los Angeles

49. Operation Rescue (OR)- general information pre-Atlanta

50. Planned Parenthood- background on OR

51. Phone sex/Adult entertainment

52. National Sample Survey (India)

54. International Country Risk Guide Researchers Dataset (ICRG)

55. Selected Landsat Images

56. Télévision Nationale d’Haïti: Jean Dominique, sur le 10e anniversaire du 28 novembre 1980, Carnet des Arts, après l’assassinat de Jean Dominique; « Nou la pi rèd », hommage à Radio Haïti pour le 60e anniversaire de la station, en 1995.

57. U.S. Census Population Estimates - County Level

58. Polidata Presidential Results By Congressional District 1992-2008

59. Articles, 1993, 2001, undated

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