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104. Letter to the author of the National Journal.

109. Lord Thomas Fairfax of Cameron papers

110. Tavern ledger, 1749-1796

114. Joseph & James Crukshank

115. Engraving of a scene in an stable.

116. Child under a tree - Engraving.

117. December - Engraving.

118. Culpepper-type microscope, approximately 1750

121. Richard Barnes papers

135. Dase Noticia a Los Fieles, Tanto Eclesiasticos, como Seculares...

136. Don Joseph Antonio Manso de Velasco, Conde de Superunda, Cavallero del Orden de Santiago...

137. Douglas : a tragedy : as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Convent-Garden.

138. Bill of sale for Bett, an enslaved girl, from Lawrence Lancaster to Thomas Cook, 1757 March 18 :autograph manuscript signed.

139. Bill of sale for Leander, an enslaved person, from N.C. Trowbridge to E.H. Simmons, 1851 April 17 :autograph manuscript signed.

140. Draft bill of sale, 1787 :autograph manuscript.

141. Henry Ellis papers

143. Prasca Arboré and Company records

144. Thomas Cook papers

149. Bill of sale for Bett, an enslaved girl, from Absalom Lancaster to Thomas Cook, 1761 May 15? :manuscript copy.