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101. Fine China from RICHFIELD.

102. Untitled presentation

104. Usher's Green Stripe Scotch. Now save $1.00 on half gallons.

106. Kilpatrick's Bread: Stays Fresh Longer

108. No More Gray Hairs or Bald Heads

109. going shopping? try TRI CITY MALL

110. Laboratory glassware in wooden stand, undated

111. Horsford's Acid Phosphate

112. Goodyear

113. Old South Brand Baked Beans

117. Imperial...knock-free power that saves you money

118. Now at Popular Prices (Original [erased] beer [erased])


120. "Keep Pace with Changing Taste..." Ted Williams. Drink Moxie. Regular or Sugar Free.

121. Untitled

122. Herbie

123. Untitled

125. I'm Going Down the Mobile Line'

126. Flavorite VICEROY

127. It's Time to a '63 Range--See Your Appliance Dealer Now

128. Specimens of Cigar Box Labels

129. Untitled Presentation

130. Untitled

131. Untitled

132. Untitled Presentation

133. There's nothing like it on earth.

134. Purr-fectly mild.

136. Symbol of Quality Service...

140. Untitled Presentation

141. [unreadable] Leisure World is Coming to the Valley of the Sun

142. All-American 4th of July

143. Central Committee Discussion of trips

144. Outdoor Advertising, Gasoline (2 advertisements)

145. Correspondence, undated 1, letter 39

146. A Homeowner's Supermarket


148. Untitled

149. Fight On! Join the March of Dimes!

150. An Evaluation of Residential Freedom School by Profit Barlow