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47. An association

48. Andrew Clow papers

50. Anthony Digges papers

51. Anthony Wayne (Charlestown) letter to Benjamin Rush (n. p.), 1783 January 20

52. Ascention insurance account

53. At Inverness, the sixth day of August, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two years...

54. At a general meetingof the magistrates, held this day at Guildhall....

55. Augustus Elholm papers

57. Benjamin Andrew papers

58. Benjamin Rush (Morristown, NJ) letter to Julia Stockton Rush (Philadelphia), 1780 March 17

59. Benjamin Rush (Philadelphia) letter to Dr. [Basil G.] Middleton (London), 1796 January 15

60. Benjamin Rush (Philadelphia) letter to George Clymer (n. p.), 1789 February 12