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151. Grand Literary and Scientific Entertainment!

152. Prince de Joinville

153. Frank Graus and his seven Tyrolean yodelers

154. Emergency peace campaign

155. Did this ever happen to you?

156. The great external remedy for man or beast

157. Special announcement

158. The hand fertilizer drill

159. The hot springs

161. Auction Sale of Horses

162. Emmanuel church aid society donation appeal

164. Auction! Selling out of a country store at public auction

165. United States sanitary commission

166. Dr. Fitch's patent pocket prescription scales

167. Science lectures

170. Leesburg corporation election

171. Obituary of Jacob Hammekeplinger

172. Leesburg corporation election

173. Memorandum of the Townes ancestors

175. Virginia Paws-Inc

176. Men of Augusta look to your honor and best interests

177. Petition

178. Lynchburg Female Academy soiree musicale

179. Co-Partnership: The Rumseller's Proposal to the Devil

180. Prospectus of the Hartwell Moderator

181. Letter from Boston Mulligan

183. Village School testimonial

199. Guerre de l'Independence d'Amerique, undated

200. Research on Jean Coste and Claude Henri Ferdinand (Medical Staff), undated