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81. 2007 joint repair, spine repair, and page repair to Travels in Switzerland, vol. 2

82. 2007 mold removal of George Washington Watts photograph albums

83. 2007 board reinforcement and minor structural repair to Solitude considered with respect to its influence

84. 2007 joint repair, spine repair, and corner repair to Cicero's select orations

85. 2007 page repairs to Josiah Tattnall papers

86. 2007 joint repair, page repair, and page reattachment to Travels in Switzerland, vol. 1

87. 2007 sewing repair and leather reback to Io. Francisci Buddei

88. 2007 tape removal and page repairs to Slavery pamphlets, Northern 1860-65

89. 2007 cloth reback and corner repair to Im Lande der Yankees

90. 2007 condition assessment and housing of The Bengal Methodist

91. 2007 board reattachment, corner repair, and minor structural repair to Sir Thomas Moore's Utopia

92. 2007 reback and case reattachment to The Standard advertising register, 1957

93. 2007 page reattachment and hinge repair to Der gelehrte Narr

95. 2007 page and sewing repair to La grandezza, larghezza, e distanza

96. 2007 spine lining and case reattachment to Antonii Thysii JC. et professoris

97. 2007 spine cleaning, lining, and leather reback to C. Plin. Secundi

98. 2007 surface cleaning and page repairs to Lois Wright Richardson Davis papers correspondence, 1851-1915

99. 2007 page repair, page reattachment, and cover flattening to Thesaurus antiquitatum, tom. 3

100. 2007 hinge repair and case reattachment to Mathiae Casimiri Sarbievii