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201. Illegal advertisements.

204. Notice, to the clergy and factors of the Lovat state.

205. Notice, to the clergy and factors of the Lovat state.

206. Notice, to the clergy and factors on the Lovat State.

208. Warrant to wood and moss keepers on the Lovate Estate.

210. Horatio Gates (New York) letter to Benjamin Rush (Philadelphia), 1803 August 8

211. House of Commons.

212. Le Commissaire Général de l'Isle d'Elbe.

213. My duty to the Regiment 10th Militia....

214. Volunteers. I agree to inrol myself as a volunteer in the Army.....

216. His Majesty's wishes, I should rather say expectations...

220. My dear sir, I ought to have acknowledged your letter...

221. Campbell-Town, 18th September, 1803.

222. Dear Sir, From this day I endow seven Sunday charity schools...

223. My dear sir, The Jurisdiction Act of Parliament...

224. Parochial schools of the Estates of Lovat.

225. Honorable Sirs, The irregularity , not to fay the deliquency of your Officers...

226. Suum Cuique. Every man the full and unmolested enjoyment of his property.

228. Receipt for the Meadow Bank Midden, for convering mofs earth into manure...

230. Letter from Sir James Craig at Colchester to Simon Fraser, 1803 November 1

232. My dear Colonel, The Friths of Forth and Moray...

233. Paris, 18th Frimaire an 12

234. "Report explanatory of the trade between America and Bengal," 1803-1804

235. Trois quatuors pour deux violons, alto & violoncelle : oeuvre 34 / Quartets, strings, op. 34

236. However it may have been practiced by Public Houses....

237. Head Rights and Land Lotteries

238. Head Rights and Land Lotteries

239. Jane Elizabeth Dasher papers

240. Charles Brown papers

241. James Ford papers

242. John Dickinson (n. p.) note to Benjamin Rush (n. p.), 1804

243. Six quatuors pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle / Quartets, strings.

245. Haitian Declaration of Independence

246. Catalog of the magnificent organs and other musical instrument, music, etc, the property of Simon Fraser Esq.

249. At Inverness, the twenty third day of May....

250. South-Carolina Insurance Company.