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251. A Dangerous Precedent

252. A Day of Thanksgiving

253. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Newest, Most Useful and Best Selling Articles of the Day

254. A Drop Too Much.

255. A Duck

257. A Few Hints about Fashion

259. A Full Hand.

260. A Garden Party.

261. A Georgia Possum

262. A Grand Gift Concert!

263. A Great Rent.

264. A Happy New Year

265. A José Rizal en el 3er aniversario de su fusilamiento.

266. A Mandarin Carriage - China.

267. A Minstrel's Lay.

268. A Model Sanitarium

270. A Palanquin.

271. A Plain statement. To the people of South Carolina.

272. A Pot Boiler.

275. A Regular Corker.

276. A Roll of 12 Kodak Films

277. A Secessionist on Secession

278. A Sheep

279. A Short History Of Gen. R. E. Lee

280. A Short History Of Gen. U. S. Grant

296. A Short History of Gen. Hancock.