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1. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe

2. Three Islamic legal texts.

3. Fragment from Fatḥ al-bāqī bi-sharḥ Alfīyat al-ʻIrāqī.

4. [Liturgical miscellany].

5. Fragment from a copy of the Qurʼān.

6. [New Testament, Gospel Lectionary].

7. [Liturgical miscellany].

8. [Liturgies of Saints Basil and Chrysostom and Liturgy of the Presanctified].

9. Scultetus bow saw, late 16th or 17th century

10. Christian saint or scholar.

11. Madonna.

12. Fragment from a sīrah.

13. Fragment of a zikr.

15. The Four Seasons

16. [Organon of Aristotle].

17. [Sticherarion, Menaion for July 20, Elijah the Tishbite].

18. Delle parti della donna che servono alla generatione.

19. Tabula foeminae membra demonstrans.

20. [Liturgies of Saints Chrysostom and Basil].

22. [New Testament Gospel Lectionary].

24. [Liturgies of Saints Basil, Saint John Chrysostom, and Saint Gregory].

26. [Liturgies of Saints Basil, Chrysostom, and Gregory the Presanctified].

27. His Majesties speech delivered the twenty second of January, 1643 at Oxford.

28. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament...

33. [Sticherarion].

34. Carved ivory memento mori, approximately 1650

35. Views of Sir Dr. Hennebel on the Jansenist controversy

37. [On Currency, Weights and Measures].

39. Engraving by Jacques Blondeau.

40. [Christian topography].

42. My Lords, I can assure you your lordships, that you are infinitely admir'd for....

43. His Majesties order for taking off the Chimney-Money...

44. Nos el Arzobispo de los Reyes...

47. Clothed female manikin on carved wooden couch, 17th or 18th century

48. Male ivory standing manikin with head tilted to right, 17th or 18th century

49. Female manikin with ivory pillow on blue corduroy couch, 17th or 18th century