Eliza Beckwith commonplace book

About the Digital Collection

The collection consists of a single commonplace book with the name Eliza Beckwith or perhaps Eliza Beckwith Burton on the front cover. Twenty manuscript pages contain 30 poems and short phrases collected from college acquaintances, some with titles such as "The Enquiry," "Happiness," "Remember Me," "Prudent Simplicity," "The Old and New Year," "Friendship," and "The Rights of Woman." A few of the poems are extracts taken from Tennyson and Wordsworth, but most appear to be original pieces from fellow students including Annie Kemball, Martha Ardley, Louisa Gillingham, Annie Morris, Helen Taylor, and Lizzie Capez. A few pieces are signed and dated "College 1860," "Christmas 1860," or "Normal College." Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.

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