Frank Bennett papers

About the Digital Collection

Civil War diary (94 p.) records the experiences of Lt. Col. Frank T. Bennett as a prisoner of war in Confederate prisons in Charleston and Columbia, S.C., from March 18 to October 10, 1862. There is also an entry about his capture during the Battle of Drewry's Bluff, 1864, and imprisonment in Libby Prison, Richmond, during May 16-October 8 1864. Bennett speaks well of Southerners in general despite the hardships of prison life, and records his views of Northern military and political tactics. The volume begins with a series of poems and there are a few poems interspersed in the diary entries. A loose item consists of a brief chronoloy of the war and the military service of Frank and of Horace C. Bennett. Horace (d. 1862) may have been Frank's brother.

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