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221. Travel agent waits for migrants

222. Baby on mother’s shoulders

223. Boy carries bundle of blankets 1

224. NGOs distribute food to migrants

225. Refugees and migrants disembark from ferry 3

226. Migrants and refugees disembark from ferry 2

227. Migrants on deck of ferry

228. Refugees and migrants disembark from ferry 1

229. Refugees and migrants wait to disembark from ferry

230. Ferry from Lesbos arrives on Greek mainland

231. Qusai

232. Migrants play football

233. Lifejacket

234. Migrant walks among tents at Afghan Hill

235. Afghan Hill 8

236. Volunteer passes tents at Afghan Hill

237. Man near tents at Afghan Hill

238. Woman outside tent at Afghan Hill

239. Migrants queue at Afghan Hill

240. Man near food distribution tent at Afghan Hill