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302. Enrique de Vedia

305. Envelope - Benchoam Débora Esther

307. Envelope - Hartford National Bank

311. Envelope to Rabino Marshall Meyer

314. Escándalo

317. Evita's Evasions

318. Ex-policeman reverses CONADEP testimony

319. FIDE, coyuntura y desarrollo, no. 96, ago. 1986

328. Financier survived by mystery, intrigue, terrorism

332. Former UN rights director testifies

337. Freedom to Go Home Again

338. From Dictatorship to Democracy

340. Frondizi: Dirty war not over

341. Full Circle - A Father's Day Tribute to Matvei Bernsztejn

344. Giorgi case 'not handled fairly'

345. Glatieri Acusado

346. Glimpses into hell

347. Gobierno democristiano en Guatemala

349. Gov't issues law to cover up 'dirty war'

357. Guilty without trial

358. Hace muchos años, la revista Life dedicó...

363. Hanukkah card from Débora Benchoam to Marshall Meyer

364. Harguindeguy: most backed repression

366. Haunted by History

367. Hebe De Bonafini...

373. Hospital denounces delay in rights investigation

375. Human Rights Internet

376. Human Rights in Latin America

377. Human rights cases keep courts busy

378. Human rights violations in Argentina

380. If I forget thee, Buenos Aires

382. In Denmark, Relief for the Torture

395. Informe sobre desaparacidos

397. Inside the wires' banana republics