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1. John Brown's Song

2. The Blue Devils or the National Zouaves

3. Unfurl the Glorious Banner

4. "In Memoriam"

5. The Dog is Dead

6. Old Kentucky Home

7. Union War Lyrics

8. Columbia, the Home of the World

9. Grant's the Man

11. The Banner of the Free

12. Uncle Sam's Boys

13. The Union Marseillaise

14. National Song

15. Noble Knights of Labor

16. Corcoran to his Regiment. Or "I Would Not Take Parole."

17. National Guard's Camp Song

18. Our Native Land!

19. Charming Lizzie Clay

20. You Get More Like Your Dad Every Day

21. Bowld Sojer Boy

22. The Battle of Manassas

23. Just As Of Old

24. Parrott For Ever!

25. The Union, It Must Be Preserved

26. Prayer During Battle

27. Thou Art So Near and Yet So Far

28. We'll Follow the Flag

29. Up in a Back Room

30. Pull Down the Blind

31. Our Country and Flag

34. Christmas Address!

35. Kitty Wells

36. Pull for the Shore

37. The Rally Cry of Freedom

38. Give Us Back Our Old Commander

39. The Last of Summer

40. Mother, Is the Battle Over?

41. Gay and Happy

43. The Dying Soldier

44. Capture of Sally Davis

45. Columbia's Glorious Banner

46. Gay Conductor

48. Mott Street, 449

49. Sons of Columbia

50. Our Union