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1721. Joe Hooker's Official Dispatch

1722. To My Mother

1723. Merry Month of May

1724. I'm Going to Fight Mit Sigel

1725. My Dear Savannah Home

1726. Let the Rebels Put That in their Pipes

1727. By the Sad Potomac Shore, or The Death of Col. Baker

1728. John Bull, or Any Other Man

1729. The Volunteer

1730. Volunteers' Song

1731. The Hunters of Kentucky

1732. Oh! Boys, Carry me 'long

1733. If You Belong to Dixie's Land.

1734. The Battle-Cry of Freedom

1735. Song of the Privateer

1736. Old Man's Drunk Again

1737. The Constitution!

1738. Mourir pour la Patrie!

1739. Driven from Home

1740. Darkey Conscript