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2. "Da Vis!"

3. "Fighting Joe Hooker."

4. "In Memoriam"

5. "Lindy"

6. "Ole Mose"

9. "Root Hog or Die"

10. "The Last Ditch!"

11. "The Saddest Story Ever Told"

12. 13th Penn'a Cavalry at Fayetteville, N.C.

13. 69th Regiment

14. 79th Regiment

15. 9th New-Jersey

16. A Ballade

17. A Boquet for Our Maggie

18. A Boquet for Our Maggie

19. A Campaign Song

20. A Cheerful Song

21. A Collection of Songs

22. A Contraband Song

23. A Family Reunion

24. A Flower from Mother's Grave

25. A Fragment

26. A Holiday Greeting

28. A Home Without A Mother

29. A Humble Appeal for the "Kneeling Slave"

30. A Hundred Years Hence

31. A Hundred Years Hence

32. A Hundred Years Hence

33. A Hundred Years Hence

34. A Knot of Blue and Gray

35. A Mother's Hymn in Time of War

36. A Mother's Prayer.

37. A New Election Song

38. A New Election Song

39. A New Election Song

40. A New Election Song

41. A New Election Song

42. A New Song

43. A New Song

44. A New Song

47. A Soldier Is My Beau

48. A Soldier in the Colored Brigade

49. A Soldier's Dream Before a Battle