Art and Artifacts records, 1915 - 2005

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This digital collection comprises selected materials from the following archival collection at Duke University Archives:

Art and Artifacts records 1915 - 2005

Collection #UA.01.07.0001 | 2 Linear Feet

In January, 2005, funds granted by the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation allowed the Duke University Archives to survey University-owned paintings within the Perkins Library system. Prior to the survey, records of University-owned art that had been collected by University Archives staff, and these records were organized and collated with the new survey information. Collection includes lists, inventories, correspondence, clippings, notes, memoranda, photographs, and other materials generated 1915-2005 and related to art and artifacts owned by Duke University, including information on the portaits of the Trustees of The Duke Endowment painted by Douglas Chandor. Other artists represented include Charles S. Wiltschek, John Da Costa, Mary Lyde Hicks Williams, Norval H. Busey, Irene Price, Cedric Egeli, Simmie Knox, John A. Furlow, and Nelson Shanks. English.

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