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1. A Billy Goat

2. A Dark Eyed Sailor

3. A Jolly Soldier

4. A Mother's Appeal to Her Boy

5. A Picture of Her Boy

6. A Treasure Hunt [Prose tale]

7. Ace and Deuce of Diamonds

8. Advice to Young Ladies

9. Ain't Gonna Rain No More

10. Ain't Gonna Worry My Lord No More

11. Ain't It Hard to Love a Girl that Don't Love You

12. Alabama Gals (Buffalo Gals)

13. All God's Children

14. All Round the Mountain

15. Alphabet of the Ship

16. And Must I Be to Judgement Brought

17. Animal Song

18. Arkansas Traveler

19. As I Walked Out Last Christmas Morn

20. As I Walked Out One Morning

21. As I Went Down In the Valley

22. As I Went Down to Simon's Mill (Railroad Dinah Gal)

23. Asheville Junction (Swannanoa Tunnel)

24. At the Foot of Yonder Mountain

25. Away on a Hill

26. Baby Bunting (Bye O Baby Bunting)

27. Banjo Music

28. Banjo Music

29. Banjo Music

30. Banjo Music

31. Banjo Music

32. Banjo Music

33. Baptist, Baptist is My Name (Roll, Jordan, Roll)

34. Barbara Allen

35. Barbara Allen

36. Barbara Allen

37. Barbara Allen

38. Barbara Allen

39. Barbara Allen

40. Barbara Allen

41. Barbara Allen

42. Barbara Allen

43. Barbara Allen

44. Barbara Allen

45. Barbara Allen

46. Barbara Allen

47. Barbara Allen

48. Barbara Allen

49. Barbara Allen

50. Barbara Allen